Fonty zaprojektowane przez Daniel Henry Bastian, Volker Schnebel w roku 2010.

Linda – a typeface not only for girls! Linda, a graphic design trainee, started this font as an experiment. It should become a professional typographic project. »Linda« is like Linda: youthful, feminine, and easygoing. Dear Linda,we are quite happy now you are finished. We enjoyed an exciting period of time with you, and we learned a lot of new things through you. With every new step, we became more convinced of you. Your aesthetics, your easiness, and your wonderful »Teenie«-charakter are so beautiful and charming. Copy text or headlines: your flow is absolutely fantastic and versatility is your strength. We really look forward to seeing more of you, maybe on posters or book titles, for example. Just carry on.

Rodzina Linda Pro dostępna jest w formacie OpenType Pro (zawierającym min. zakres dla Europy Środkowej).

Fonty można nabyć w kompletnym zestawie:
Linda Pro Volumezapytaj o cenę.
W skład którego wchodzą odmiany:

  1. Linda Pro Light OpenType Pro
  2. Linda Pro Regular OpenType Pro
  3. Linda Pro Bold OpenType Pro

Istnieje również możliwość zakupu na sztuki w cenie 49 € netto za odmianę.