Gill Sans™

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The successful font Gill Sans™ was designed by the artist and type designer Eric Gill in 1931. The roots of Gill Sans can be traced back to Old Face typefaces and more directly to his teacher Edward Johnston’s London Underground type. Gill’s alphabet is more classical in proportion and contains his signature flared capital R and eyeglass lowercase g. With distinct roots in pen-written letters, Gill Sans is classified as a humanist sans serif, making it very legible and readable in text and display work. The condensed, bold and display versions are excellent for packaging or posters.

Gill Sans exudes a modern feel due to its clear, generous and original characters.













Rodzina Gill Sans dostępna jest w formacie OpenType Pro (zawierającym min. zakres dla Europy Środkowej).

Fonty można nabyć w kompletnym zestawie:
Gill Sans Complete Family Value Pack – w cenie  714 € netto
W skład którego wchodzą odmiany:

  1. Gill Sans® Light OpenType Pro
  2. Gill Sans® Light Italic OpenType Pro
  3. Gill Sans® Book OpenType Pro
  4. Gill Sans® Book Italic OpenType Pro
  5. Gill Sans® Roman OpenType Pro
  6. Gill Sans® Italic OpenType Pro
  7. Gill Sans® Bold OpenType Pro
  8. Gill Sans® Bold Italic OpenType Pro
  9. Gill Sans® Heavy OpenType Pro
  10. Gill Sans® Heavy Italic OpenType Pro
  11. Gill Sans® Extra Bold OpenType Pro
  12. Gill Sans® Ultra Bold OpenType Pro
  13. Gill Sans® Light Shadowed OpenType Pro
  14. Gill Sans® Shadowed OpenType Pro
  15. Gill Sans® Condensed OpenType Pro
  16. Gill Sans® Bold Condensed OpenType Pro
  17. Gill Sans® Ultra Bold Condensed OpenType Pro
  18. Gill Sans® Extra Condensed Bold OpenType Pro
  19. Gill Sans® Display Bold OpenType Pro
  20. Gill Sans® Display Extra Bold OpenType Pro
  21. Gill Sans® Display Bold Condensed OpenType Pro

Istnieje również możliwość zakupu na sztuki w cenie 35 € netto za odmianę.